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Our Team



Adam Cerdas


I've been working in the automotive wholesale industry for 10+ years. Cars are my passion followed by closing a deal, I will always try my hardest to match or beat any other dealer offer a customer may have. Most deals are handled exclusively by myself or one of our other associates. I am always available and look forward to working with you.


Cell: 201-983-3452




David Hurwitz (David H.)


A genuine BMW enthusiast, David has worked in the sales and service departments of two authorized BMW dealerships. He is an avid auto-racer and successfully campaigned a WRX STI and M3 in multiple time trial events. David regularly communicates with customers, responds to online inquires, and maintains the office.





David Wilinsky (David W.)

David  has been a car enthusiast since he started playing with Hot Wheels toys as a toddler. He has owned over 20 enthusiast-based cars including an E39 M5, Porsche Turbo, FRC Corvette, Porsche 911S and many more. David W regularly communicates with our clients, travels to clients residence’s, handles lien payoffs, and title work.


Cell: 201-914-5033



Dylan Meyer

Dylan has a diverse background including electrical contracting, logistics, and non-profit work. A Mercedes-Benz specialist, he has owned multiple AMG vehicles.  Dylan regularly communicates with customers, appraises vehicles, and handles vehicle logistics.

Cell: 201-696-8200


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