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Remember the days when people who wanted to sell their car privately had to buy a newspaper listing, hang up a flyer on a bulletin board or telephone pole, or park the vehicle in an abandoned parking lot with a For Sale sign? The only thing tougher than selling a used car back then was buying one.

Now, in the 21st century, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way people buy and sell used vehicles in America. And there is no shortage of sites that provide these services. Here are the 10 best ones out there today.


How do you determine a value for my vehicle? What is my car worth?

We use frequently updated industry pricing guides such as; Manheim MMR and Galves. Our information is updated frequently to ensure we are always current with vehicle values.

What effects the value of my car?

Many different factors determine the value for each vehicle. Each vehicle depreciates differently and the major things that affect a vehicle’s value are:

  • Condition (both interior and exterior)

  • Damage

  • Miles

  • Desirability of the vehicle in the used car marketplace

  • Accidents or incidents on the vehicles history report (Carfax and Autocheck)

  • Mechanical issues: Check engine light on? ABS light?

What if I still owe money on my car?

We frequently work with customers who still owe money on their vehicle to a lender. We will pay off your lien directly to your bank, financial institution, or credit union. In order to obtain your current payoff amount, we will call your bank and have them fax a credit authorization form to our office.  We will then FedEx overnight a cashier’s check to your lender and they will send your vehicle’s title and lien release directly to our office. We will provide you with the FedEx tracking number so you can check the status of the check we send to your lender, eliminating any doubt if payment has been received.

If you have positive equity in your vehicle, we will give you a check for difference of your pay off amount and the agreed upon value of your vehicle. If you have negative equity (you owe more than your vehicle is valued) and you choose to sell your car to us, you will provide us with a check for the difference of your payoff and our agreed upon value.

Can I cancel my insurance the same day?

Yes, you can cancel your vehicle’s insurance policy as soon as we take physical possession of your vehicle and remove your license plates.

Is DNA Auto Wholesale LLC licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured New Jersey Automotive dealership. We obtained our NJ Automotive Dealers license multiple years ago, and legally and lawfully conduct business in NJ and surrounding states.

-Beware of online car buyers who are operating with licenses from other states.  If they are breaking the law and your name is still on the title to your vehicle, you can be at risk.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

Our office and warehouse is located in Moonachie NJ, less than 10 miles from New York City. We are conveniently located off all major highways and in close proximity to Manhattan. You can contact us directly 24/7 for a quote on your vehicle, our office hours are Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.

How can I contact you right now for an offer on my vehicle?

For an instant quote:

Call 2019833452 or email

Do you need to see my car in person to give me a value?

No, we do not need to see your car in person to determine a value range. To determine a value for your vehicle we only need 4 things.  The final value would be dependent on confirming condition and mileage in person.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Current Mileage

  • Color

  • Option list / Condition report

Can I expect to get Kelly Blue Book value for my car?

Kelly Blue Book is not in the business of buying cars, we do not consider Kelly Blue Book a viable source of data when appraising cars. In fact, Kelly Blue Book is owned by Cox Automotive, a large company that also owns Autotrader and Manheim Auto Auctions. Kelly Blue Book values are created for the purpose of making a retail car dealership’s prices look attractive.  On some cars, we may be able to pay significantly more than Kelly Blue Book, but most of the time – their values are severely inflated.

How will you pay me?

We will pay you with a certified bank check, wire transfer, or cash. Many times we meet customers at a bank close to their home or office.

Do I have to drive my vehicle to you?

No, we will come to your residence and drive your vehicle away. You always have the option to bring your car to our facility and we can arrange transportation for you back to your residence.

How long is your offer good for?

Our offers are generally good for 7 days.  Certain vehicles will maintain their value for months, but most vehicle deprecate as they get older and the miles increase. You can always contact us for an updated quote, but your vehicle value with go down the longer you wait to sell your vehicle.

Are there any charges or fees selling my car?

No, there are no charges or hidden fees when you sell your vehicle to us.

Can I get more for my vehicle if I sell privately?

You can usually get more for your car on the private market than wholesaling it to us. That said, it would require a significant of time, effort and frustration. You will have to answer many questions from many prospective buyers, many of which who will not even show up to look at the car.  You may also get a lot of callers from people who are simply looking to scam you.  In the event that you find someone to come out and look at your car, and you accept their offer – they may want to borrow your plates and insurance, which creates an insurance liability.  We buy many cars from people who have tried to retail their car on their own without any success.

How do I fill out a NJ title?

Signing the NJ automobile title is the most important step in transferring ownership of your vehicle. A single mistake can render the title ‘unacceptable’ and lead to headaches and long lines at the Motor Vehicle Commission. Do not mark or sign your title until you are sure of the correct place to write. Watch our video on how to fill out a NJ title for more information.

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