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Serving NJ, NY, and CT!


Don't pay for excess mileage or damage.  Cash out hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Sell your lease equity before the end date.

Lease Return Center is ready to buy today and on YOUR schedule.

No games or rudeness, just knowledgeable and nice people to work with


My lease is not up yet. Can I still sell or get out without owing money?

This is more common than you might think. Every week we help people end their lease early and either not owe money or have to pay significantly LESS than their obligation to the bank. Send us what you have and let’s talk about it.

Someone I know got money back for their leased vehicle. How does this work because I do not own the car outright?

Leased vehicles have an option to purchase at any time. With your authorization, we contact the lender, get the current amount of money owed to BUY your leased vehicle. For example, if the price to buy the car is $24,000 and your car is valued at $28,000, you get the $4,000 equity. It is that easy.

If I do not want to sell my lease, can I leave it with you to ground and return?

Very often, yes. Not all banks and lease companies have the same rules for returning a leased vehicle. We are all about convenience. We pick up and return leased vehicles for our customers regularly. Let us know which lease company/bank you are with so we can help.

You will buy my car that has a loan/lease on it?

Yes, we will.

My car is not leased, will you still buy it?

Yes, we will.

Do I have to have the perfect condition car?

Not at all. We buy cars in all conditions. Send us what you have and let’s talk about it.

I was going to buy my lease and sell the car myself. I will get more money if I do that, right?

It is possible, however there are expenses and waiting you might not have thought of. You will have to pay sales tax on the payoff price, a large expense. You will also have to pay a car dealer their fee(s) to process the transaction and you will have to pay for and wait for the new title. Depending what state you reside in, you could be waiting up to 90 days to receive title.

Without a title, you cannot sell a car to someone. Also, buying your own lease means tying up tens of thousands of dollars as well as paying for costly automobile insurance.

Why shouldn’t I take a loan, buy my lease, then sell it?

That is an option. Before you do, factor in all the expenses and waiting. Sales tax, dealership fee for processing the transaction, full coverage auto insurance while you wait for title and a buyer, paying for a new title, waiting up to 90 days for your new title to be issued by your state, paying to advertise your car for sale, dealing with scams and tire kickers coming to your home.

When you do sell it, you now must pay off the loan you took in order to get title for the new owner. Most people will not give you money until you have a title ready for them. We sell cars every day and it is not as easy as you think.

Give us a chance to make you an offer to avoid all of that.

Do you buy any car from any manufacturer?

We buy all brands, makes and models. Let us know what you have and if we can’t buy it, we will help steer you in the right direction.

I got an online offer from a big name, national company. Can you beat it?

Possibly -- and we would love the opportunity. Contact us and let’s talk.

You didn’t ask me about the condition of my lease, how can your value be real?

Initially, we believe it is more important for you to have a close idea of what your car is worth. You know the condition of your car better than anyone. You know if the tires are brand new, your bumpers are scraped, or grape juice spilled on the back seat. We will do a final appraisal of your car and give you an offer to buy it today in its current condition.

How long are your offers good for?

About a week. The automobile market has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace. Let’s not forget less than 2 years ago, you would owe thousands of dollars if you had excess wear and tear or over mileage. Now you are in a position to NOT OWE money and sometimes GET MONEY for your lease. See how things change?

Will this effect my credit score in any way?

Selling or Returning your leased vehicle to the Lease Return Center will have no negative effect on your credit report. We archive proof of paying off your lease/loan and can provide a copy to you upon request.

Do you come to my home or office to buy my car?

Yes, we can. We leave that choice for you to decide. We understand some people do not want us to come to their home or place of business and some people do not want to drive to one of our locations. Whatever you decide we will accommodate.

I live outside the tri-state area of NJ, NY and CT. Can you still work with me?

Yes, we can. We have helped people on the East Coast and Central United States easily sell their lease. Contact us and we will let you know how we can make it work.

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